Two people have been arrested after investigators with the Cocke County Sheriff's Department and agents with the Homeland Security and Drug Enforcement Administration found multiple different kinds of illegal drugs at a home where they were staying.

Selena Acosta from California and Lance William Logan from Oregon were arrested on July 2.

The search warrant was executed at 2912 Cosby Highway in Cosby, Tenn. During the search of the residence, authorities found and seized the following:

  • approximately 503 Ecstasy tablets
  • approximately .67 ounces of Hashish
  • 951 doses of Lysergic Acid
  • approximately .55 ounces of unidentified brown powder
  • .12 ounces of suspected MDMA
  • .38 ounces of MDMA
  • approximately 27 Tramadol tablets
  • 108.1 grams of Marijuana
  • various drug paraphernalia
  • $1,540.00 in U.S. Currency

All controlled substances and cash were located within the living quarters where Logan and Costner said they lived.

Logan, who was in possession of the 503 Ecstasy tablets at the time of the search warrant, said some of the drug paraphernalia, a small amount of marijuana found inside a glass jar, and tar found within the room was his.

The Agent previously located approximately 911 of the approximate 951 doses of Lysergic Acid inside a Frog Tog bag that investigators said Logan claimed to be his.

Both Logan and Acosta have been charged for possession and distribution of Schedule 1 Lysergic acid, Schedule 1 MDMA, Extasy, Schedule 4 tramafol, schedule 6 marijuana, schedule 6 Hashish.

According to the sheriff's department, both suspects lived in the Front Porch Business located in Cocke County Tennessee.

The sheriff's department said the business was being used as a front to distribute illegal narcotics in this community.