A Hawkins County man accused of being in possession of methamphetamine was on house arrest when an officer pulled him over on Highway 11 west earlier this week.

On Tuesday, June 13, Daniel Lee Gosnell, 34, and Karalyne Elizabeth Thompson were pulled over after an alert was sent out because the vehicle was "possibly being involved in illegal drug use", according to the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities said the two were pulled over around 1 p.m. Investigators found methamphethamine, baggies, and electronic scales in the car. During the traffic stop, the driver admitted to having a marijuana cigarette in the vehicle and gave officers consent to search the vehicle.

During the search, a lock box, with approximately 3 grams of crystal-like material believed to be methamphetamine, zip lock bags and scales, was found under the passenger seat, according to the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office.

Thompson said a small amount of crystal-like substance and syringes belonged to her.

Gosnell was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent t deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Thompson was arrested and charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

An arraignment in Hawkins County General Sessions has not been scheduled.

Gosnell was on house arrest after pleading guilty to a 2016 charge of initiation of a process to manufacture methamphetamine and sentenced to serve 8 years at 30 percent. According to the sheriff's office, he was arrested on June 2, 2017, for a violation of probation from the 2016 charge and released on June 9, 2017, to serve 100 percent of the 2016 charge on house arrest. The new arrest occurred just four days after being released on house arrest.