Oak Ridge police now say three people who were found dead in a home Thursday had been shot.

Authorities were alerted after someone became concerned about the welfare of the occupants at 101 Oak Lane, according to a release by the city.

Police were called about 8:03 a.m.

No one answered the door when police got to the scene. A "potential victim" could be seen through a window, so officers went inside.

They found the body of an adult woman as well as two other bodies in the house. All three had suffered a single gunshot wound.

The victims have been identified as Michael Deuschle, 49; Tessa Deuschle, 43; and Chelsea Kessel, 24.

Police believe the female victims were mother and daughter. All three lived in the home together. Family tells 10News the man and woman were divorced and co-parenting the younger female.

Investigators believe this is an isolated incident and say citizens do not need to be alarmed. Officers do not believe there are any additional victims in this case.

Detectives are investigating it as a potential murder-suicide.

"We did find two deceased females and believe they were shot first and the male took his own life," explained Oak Ridge Police Chief James Akagi.

An autopsy is scheduled for the bodies.

Neighbors tell 10News they are shocked because it is a small, tightknit street. Neighbors said the daughter received 24-hour care. Family told us she had angelman-Syndrome.

Neighbors said they were all very nice people and that this was unexpected.