Campbell County authorities are warning people to pay attention card scanning devices after finding a card skimmer at a local bank.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office said a man found a card skimmer attached to an ATM at the Y-12 Federal Credit Union on the Jacksboro border of LaFollette at 2550 Jacksboro Pike. While he was making a transaction, the skimmer fell off in his hand.

The victim handed the device over to the CCSO. The LaFollette Police Department is helping in the investigation.

Skimmers are illegal devices that are often attached to an ATM or gas pump card readers and are made to look like a real card reader. Perpetrators use them to steal a person's debit or credit card information.  

Anyone that has used the ATM recently is asked to contact the bank at (865) 482-1043 or talk to a bank representative as soon as possible.

Authorities say there are three main types of skimmers to be on the lookout for.

1. Over the register card readers or ATM readers: The surveillance video shows a man applying a skimmer in just seconds.

2. Outside the gas pump: The skimmer attaches over the card reader already installed. Authorities recommend trying to wiggle the card reader to see how much it moves since skimmers are usually attached with double-sided tape. If the card reader doesn’t move, it’s probably okay to use because card readers are built into the machines. Skimmers are externally attached.

3. Inside the pump: Authorities are most worried about skimmers inside the pump. A criminal would need to break into the gas pump, and insert a skimmer, which a consumer can’t detect besides knowing the safety tape on the pump door was broken into or resealed. Criminals using this technique can access someone’s card info from a computer near the gas station.