A Crossville woman faces multiple charges after authorities in Florida said she admitted to driving under the influence and trying to run over her husband with her car.

Tina L. Byrd, 49, faces two felony charges and three misdemeanor charges, all related to driving under the influence. 

According to a report from the Daytona Beach Police Department, Byrd was driving her gold 2003 Dodge pickup truck when she ran into a motorcycle and a car on Friday night.

Officers arrived on scene and conducted a crash investigation. 

During the investigation, an officer asked Byrd if she had been drinking, to which she replied, "Do you want me to be honest with you?" When the officer said yes, Byrd said she had drank four double shots of Fireball within two hours, all while driving her truck, the report noted.

The officer than asked her to complete several sobriety exercises, to which she responded that she would not pass. She then agreed to take the tests anyway, and failed several times. 

According to the officer's report, when she was taken back to the station, Byrd was breathalyzed. She blew a .180 and .186. Byrd also stated that she intentionally tried to run over her husband and kill him with her truck. Byrd says he was battering her. 

The motorcycle riders Byrd hit were taken to a local medical center as a trauma alert. Neither of their names have been released.