Knox County's top prosecutor, Charme Allen, said Thursday a 'dangerous' convicted kidnapper needs to be locked away for as long as possible, in a case that's spanned several states.

Michael Green, 41, was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping in a Knox County courtroom Thursday. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

Green, along with another man named Bobby Allen Keeney, tried to kidnap a woman outside of the Ross Dress for Less parking lot on Kingston Pike in June 2015.

Green waited for the woman to get near her car before attacking her and choking her until she passed out.

Before he could put the woman in his car, other people shopping nearby heard the commotion and confronted the men.

Green and Keeney sped off, but the woman was able to catch Green's license plate number.

After the incident, a spokesperson with Knoxville Police said the woman did what she was supposed to do to avoid being taken away.

"She tried to fight them off, and the best thing she could have done, she screamed," said Darrell Debusk with the Knoxville Police Department.

Green, a wanted sex offender from Virginia, left Tennessee after what he did. He was almost caught in Texas but was able to get away.

With the help of the US Marshall's Service and KPD, Green was found and arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada before being brought to Knox County for his trial.

Green is facing between 12 and 20 years in prison. The Knox County DA's office said whatever sentence he receives will run consecutive to his 25 year sentence in Virginia.

The district attorney's office said Keeney pled to Facilitation of Aggravated Kidnapping and received an eight year sentence.