A Crossville hunter accused of killing an elk in the wrong zone has pleaded guilty to all charges, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Timothy C. Copeland, 56, pleaded guilty in Campbell Co. General Sessions Court on Tuesday to four charges including: Shooting from a public road, Hunting from a motor vehicle, Hunting in a closed area, and Possession of illegally killed big game.

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Copeland had won a state drawing to take part in an elk hunt in the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area.

Last month, he was in what's identified as Elk Zone 2 of the management area, near Adkins Mountain, according to the TWRA. He was cleared, however, to hunt in Elk Zone 5, according to the TWRA.

Biologists became concerned when Copeland couldn't give accurate GPS coordinates or identify where the kill took place.

Copeland's plea deal ordered him to pay $9,750 in restitution for the bull elk and a court cost of $325.50; however, he was not charged any fines related to the charges. His hunting privileges in Tennessee have been revoked for one year and he can't enter the TWRA elk drawings for ten years.

Meanwhile, the elk's hide and antlers were forfeited to TWRA and will be used for educational purposes and the mean will be donated.