SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Court took a recess just before 2:30 p.m., as Holly Bobo’s mother Karen was crying on the stand and the judge called a nurse.

Karen Bobo had just identified a sandwich she had packed for Holly on the day she disappeared.

"I feel like I can't breathe," Karen said, crying after identifying items from her daughter's wallet and lunch.

Judge C. Creed McGinley immediately called for emergency medical personnel and had the jury escorted out for the courtroom.

Dana Bobo was at work when he got a call that his daughter Holly Bobo had been kidnapped.

"Holly's been taken," Bobo said, remembering a call from Terry Brumley, during his testimony Monday morning.

Bobo is the first witness called in the trial of Zachary Rye Adams, charged with the murder, rape and kidnapping of Bobo's 20-year-old daughter, Holly Lynn Bobo.

Holly Bobo was reported missing on the morning of April 13, 2011.

Opening statements started just before 9:45 a.m. in Adams' trial. He is the first of three men charged in Bobo's death and disappearance to stand trial.

In opening statements, assistant Shelby County District Attorney Paul Hagerman said evidence and testimony will show that Zach Adams told Jason Autry that he, Shayne Austin, and John Dylan Adams had kidnapped and raped Holly.

"Jason sees a blanket in the bed of Zach's truck. There’s a body in the blanket," Hagerman said in opening statements.

Hagerman said Autry, who has been offered immunity to testify, will tell the jury that he asked Adams, "how did this [expletive] get in your truck?" and that Adams told him the three had abducted her.

Hagerman said Autry became "the leader" that morning, and when they went to throw Bobo's body in the Tennessee River, near Birdsong, Holly moved and made a noise. Hagerman said in opening statements that Adams then got a gun, and shot Holly in the head.

Adams' defense attorney, Jennifer Thompson, said the investigation spanned years, and that police interviewed dozens of people in the case.

"It's kind of like drinking from a fire hose," she said. "You’ll hear testimony that basically the police were called within minutes."

Through the years, police "basically interviewed every person in Decatur County," Thompson said.

She told jurors that police talked to Victor Dinsmore, another man who has been offered immunity to testify in the trial.

"He said, if you want to get anywhere with this case, you need to talk to Zach Adams’ brother," Thompson said.

Thompson told the jury that Adams is not guilty of all the charges against him, and that he did not abduct, rape, or kill Holly Bobo.

Adams is facing charges of felony first-degree murder, especially aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated rape in Bobo's death and abduction. The 20-year-old nursing student was last seen on April 13, 2011 at her home in Darden, in Decatur County.

Her skull was found three years later, in September 2014, in northern Decatur County.

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