A day before his 33rd birthday, Dorian Bluford's life ended at First Creek Greenway.

Knoxville Police said he was stabbed to death Tuesday night and have reason to believe the incident was not random.

“He was loved and still loved by a lot of people," Bluford's half-brother DeMarcus White said over the phone.

White and his sister believe Bluford's killing was planned.

“I feel like my brother was set up in some type of way," White added. “I think it was intentionally. Somebody was intentionally trying to kill my brother and they did it."

Bluford posted to Facebook he was moving to Knoxville Tuesday. He later checked in at McGhee Tyson Airport and then a few hours later checked in at Joe’s Crabshack in Sevierville.

A few hours later, a little bit before 10 p.m., neighbors near the North Knoxville greenway heard screams for help.

They found Bluford's body shortly after.

Kimberly Gardener, Bluford's cousin and roommate in Houston, learned he was moving to Knoxville on Sunday.

She told Bluford, "I don't think that's a good idea," but he went despite that.

Gardener believes Bluford was meeting an unidentified man who bought Bluford's plane ticket and picked him up from the airport in Knoxville.

"We want to know what happened," Gardener said. "Something doesn't add up."

Bluford’s half sister Shaterricka White was shocked to hear what happened.

“The brother I know, he was a very fun, loving outgoing person and it’s one of those days I want him back but I can’t get him because someone took him from me," White said holding back tears.

Authorities are reminding people the city's greenways are safe and have police patrolling often.

Bluford’s family members want the killer to come forward

“I just hope whoever they are they come clean or they are caught. We need closure.”