Former UT football player A.J. Johnson was charged with a DUI early Saturday morning.

A Knoxville police officer saw a vehicle sitting in front of a stoplight for more than two cycles. The officer went up to the car to check on the welfare of the driver until the car rolled forward and hit a sign.

The officer said Johnson had bloodshot eyes and smelled strongly of alcohol.

Johnson was also cited with simple possession after a cigarette with marijuana inside was spotted in the car.

Investigators said Johnson failed a field sobriety test.

Johnson graduated in December 2014. A month before he graduated, he was accused of raping a 19-year-old woman. After he graduated, the university said their case against him was dismissed, since he was no longer a student.

UT spokeswoman Margie Nichols said the university, under state law, can appeal the matter to a chancellor in Davidson County.

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Johnson faced two counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aiding and abetting in connection to the allegations.

He appeared in court August 2016 when defense attorneys decided Johnson and former cornerback Michael Williams could not receive a fair trial.

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In April 2017, a state appeals court ruled the two former UT football players charged with rape can use social media posts by the victim and witnesses as their defense.

The Tennessee Attorney General's Office wants the state Supreme Court to step in over a dispute about potential social media evidence in the rape trial of the two former UT football players.

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The prosecution of the men has been delayed for months while courts consider arguments over access to the social media accounts of the victim and witnesses.