A known gang member who murdered two victims in order to steal their prescription drugs will spend his life in prison.

According to a spokesperson from District Attorney Charme Allen's office, Judge Scott Green sentenced gang member Benjamin Tillman Foust Thursday to two consecutive life sentences plus 105 years. 

Foust, Teddie Allen Jones and Ashley Renee Tanner broke into a North Knoxville home in August 2011. They targeted their victims because one had recently had surgery and they knew he had opiate painkillers inside the home. 

Foust and Jones beat the two victims to death with a hammer, stole pills and a shotgun, then set the home on fire. 

"These victims were brutally murdered for a handful of pills," said District Attorney Charme Allen. "These two men have earned every day of their sentences."

Jones and Tanner pleaded guilty back in 2013. Teddie Allen Jones received two consecutive life sentences, plus 75 years. Ashley Renee Tanner received a 25 year sentence.