The former wife of Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett won’t go to trial for stalking and cyber attack allegations against her boyfriend’s estranged wife until early next year.

The Knox County Criminal Court Clerk’s Office on Thursday said attorneys for both sides agreed to a Jan. 17 trial date for Allison Beaver Burchett, who is facing 13 charges of identity theft, computer crimes, and tampering with evidence.

In addition, the lawyers agreed to an Oct. 11 date to argue whatever motions they plan to file.

Don R. Ash, a senior judge out of Murfreesboro, was assigned the case, since the local judges felt their connections to the mayor could create a conflict of interest.

Allison Burchett, who is in a relationship and living with Bandit Lites CEO Michael Strickland, is accused of logging into the Faceboook account of Strickland’s ex-wife, Jo Nicole Velasco Strickland, in September 2015 and posting sensitive photos of her.

Seven of the charges against her are felonies, including six identify theft charges, and one tampering with evidence charge, a Class C crime, which carries three to 15 years imprisonment. The other six charges - computer crimes - are misdemeanors.

Her arrest last year was tied to a May 2015 raid by the FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force and the Knoxville Police Department at Bandit Lites corporate headquarters on Sycamore Drive and a Captains Way home, which is owned by company CEO Strickland.

Authorities have said they don’t expect to charge Strickland in connection with Allison Burchett

Allison Burchett and the mayor divorced in 2012 after he accused her of repeated infidelity.

In September 2015, Strickland’s estranged wife sued him, his company and Allison Burchett in Knox County Circuit Court for conspiracy, identity theft, invasion of privacy and libel.

She is seeking $1 million.