Knoxville police gathered at a crime scene Monday to look for new evidence in a 2015 homicide.

Officers found Kameron Mills' body outside a home at 2029 Goforth Avenue in East Knoxville more than two years ago. KPD said they believe the home had been vacant for an extended period of time.

On Monday, investigators canvassed the neighborhood, handing out information about the case and speaking to residents to see if they had any new information about the case.

Mills' mother joined investigators for the canvas, and said she is desperate for any new information.

"If anybody knows anything, I would be very appreciative for their information, for them to come forward. You don't have to tell your name, just tell whoever and try to get the information in," Sharita Mills said.

If you have any information about mills or this death please contact KPD at 865-215-7116.