The LaFollette Police Department's Drug Unit and Special Response Team raided two houses in the city following a methamphetamine lab bust.

Police took nine people into custody on various charges, including felony drug possession and possession of a schedule II substance for resale.

Police raided 367 Demory Road and 701 West Forrest Street, finding approximately 28 grams of crystal meth, Oxycodone, Suboxone, marijuana and a large amount of drug paraphernalia.

"Today’s raids along with the methamphetamine lab hit yesterday located at 311 West Avenue in LaFollette proved to be three successful operations for the LaFollette Police Department," Police Chief Bill Roehl said in the release. "It is the continued goal of our officers to actively impact the drug activity within our community. Our citizens can expect that more operations like these will occur in the future.”

The following individuals were taken into custody:

  • Nathan James McBride for Felony Poss. Drug paraphernalia/Possession schedule II
  • Maggie D. Kennedy for Drug paraphernalia/Possession schedule II
  • Angela D. Compton for Violation of Probation/ Drug paraphernalia
  • Everett L. Smith for Drug paraphernalia
  • Caleb Bolton for Drug paraphernalia
  • Wayne E. Byrd for Capias Bench Warrant/ Drug paraphernalia
  • Melba J. Wilson for Outstanding warrants/Drug paraphernalia
  • Gary Leach for Possession of a Schedule II Substance for resale / Poss. Sch. II / Poss. Sch. III / Poss. Sch. VI/ Felony Drug paraphernalia
  • Joanne M. Davis for Poss. Sch. II for resale/Poss. Sch. II/Poss. Sch. III/Poss. Sch. VI/Felony Drug paraphernalia