Update: Adam Winters was ordered to serve three months in prison after his July 2014 guilty plea to extortion charges. After his release, he will be on probation for one year.

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(July 11, 2014 - WBIR) A Tennessee man, who appeared on a popular Bravo reality television show, pleaded guilty Thursday to trying to extort millions of dollars from the former operator of Y-12 National Security Complex.

Adam Winters, 26, of Scott County appeared on the Feb. 6 episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker." The show follows matchmaker, Patti Stanger, as she sets up wealthy clients on dates hand-picked by her.

After appearing on the show, U.S. District Attorney William C. Killian said Winters tried to extort $2.5 million from Babcock and Wilcox. Winters told the company that if he got the money, he would hand over slides that he claimed would publicly damage the nuclear complex in Oak Ridge if released.

Prosecutors said Winters emailed Babcock and Wilcox and tried to email Vice President Joe Biden, claiming he had evidence slides of nuclear testing.

Winters then met with undercover law enforcement agents in May to make the exchange. During the meeting, law enforcement arrested Winters.

His sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 17. He faces up to two years in prison and a $250,000 fine.