A Seymour man faces prosecution in Knox County for second-degree murder on charges he provided an opioid that killed a man in March.

Aaron M. Watson, 24, was served Wednesday on the charges at the Knox County jail, records show.

A Knox County grand jury returned an indictment charging Watson with second-degree murder, sale of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance, records show.

Darian G. Kirby, 42, of Seymour died in March of a drug overdose, prosecutors allege.

Kirby is one of at least 218 people in Knox County who have died so far this year of a suspected OD. It's a record year for drug-related deaths.

Charges allege Watson provided an opioid - Oxymorphone - that led to Kirby's death. Watson also is accused of selling drugs within a thousand feet of a Head Start child care agency on several different days in March.

Watson already is awaiting prosecution tied to alleged drug dealing earlier this year.

On the afternoon of March 21, warrants state, Watson was stopped in a 2001 Lexus on Chapman Highway near Young High Pike. He was found with a loaded 9mm pistol, a bag of marijuana and about $1,100 in currency.

When authorities searched his home on Sevierville Pike they found a half-pound of marijuana, about 30 Oxymorphone pills, scales and a shotgun among other items, according to records.

According to a warrant, when he was booked into the county jail on Maloneyville Road on March 21, authorities found during a strip search that he was hiding a plastic bag with pills in his body. The bag had 29 pills that authorities allege were Opana opioid pills.