The Morristown Police Department arrested three suspects Wednesday after a string of car burglaries and thefts in October.

Allanniss Booth, Stephen Booth and Devin Smith face a slew of charges stemming from burglaries and thefts in West and South Industrial Parks.

The charges are as follows:

· Allaniss Booth: Theft of more than $1,000 (three counts), Theft of less than $500.00 (six counts) and burglary of an auto.

· Stephen Booth and Smith (each): Theft of more than $1,000 (three counts), theft off less than $500.00 (six counts), burglary of an auto (eight counts), theft of more than $500, joy riding, and arson.

Morristown police said Allanniss Booth and Stephen Booth are siblings from Texas. Smith of Newport is Allanniss Booth’s boyfriend, according to Morristown police.

Authorities recovered three stolen vehicles, including one burned in Hamblen County.

Additional charges are pending.