79-year-old Josephine Jackson, who goes by Jo, is recovering at her East Knox County home with a broken arm and many scrapes and bruises.

Jackson was attacked Sunday evening at the McDonald's in Fountain City. Knoxville Police have since arrested three people they say were involved.

Jackson said she was meeting Teresa Clark, an acquaintance who owed her money.

"I knew in my heart something was wrong but still I went on," Jackson said. "It was a business place and I felt I would be safe. I was almost in McDonald's when he attacked me."

Jackson said one of the suspects, Dustin Martin, was in fact waiting for her, although she didn't know it at the time.

"He opened the door for me and I looked up to say thank you and by that time, before I got it out, he grabbed me and grabbed my arm and started slinging me everywhere," Jackson said.

She said Martin broke her arm from her shoulder down to her elbow.

"I thought I was killed," she said. "I had pain in my chest and everywhere. I just had pain all over. I thought he'd kill me and it just hurt so bad, hurt me so bad."

Jackson survived the attack despite her extensive injuries.

"I'm still hurting real bad but I'm doing good," Jackson said. "I'm alive and I can be thankful for that."

As she heals and reflects on what happened, Jackson hopes her alleged attacker and the other two people accused of being involved will learn to live a different life.

"I would like to see them change their life and go in another direction because they'll never make it going this way," Jackson said.

She said nothing in her purse will bring the three suspects happiness, only faith will.

"Get in a church somewhere and read their bible, and just trust the Lord," Jackson said. "He will forgive them, he will forgive them, I already have."

Jackson's church, Loveland Baptist Church off Spring Hill Road, is accepting cards and well wishes for her.

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Knoxville Police have charged three people in an attempted purse snatching that happened outside a business on North Broadway Monday night.

Mincey Thomas, 22, Dustin Clayton, 37, and Teresa Lynn Clark, 37, each face one count of attempted aggravated robbery.

According to KPD, the victim received a call from a woman who said she wanted to repay a loan, and asked the victim to meet them at a location on Broadway.

As the victim approached the location, she was attacked. Police said the victim knew the man who attacked her.

The three suspects were questioned by Knoxville Police and Knox County Sheriff's Office deputies Tuesday night, and were charged after the interviews. They are being held in the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility.