(WBIR-Knoxville) After a tumultuous past school year, Knox County Schools superintendent said he is ready to start fresh.

The Knox County Board of Education (BOE) reflected on Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre's performance in his annual review. Dr. McIntyre also included his self-evaluation.

BOE focused on five key areas:

  • Student achievement
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Effective use of resources
  • Relationships with staff, personnel, and board members
  • Family and community engagement

Both BOE and Dr. McIntyre agreed there needs to be better communication in the 2014-2015 school year.

"Where I can do better is around communication and developing better relationships with our staff, our teachers, our employees, and making sure that we continue to prioritize communication," Dr. McIntyre said.

Previous performance review: Knox BOE extends McIntyre's contract through 2017

BOE Chairwoman Lynne Fugate added, "Clearly work needs to be done to improve, repair and re-establish some strained relationships throughout the system."

A survey this past winter showed about 48% of teachers said they did not think the district overall was a good place to learn.

BOE Member Mike McMillan said his review of Dr. McIntyre was the most critical and said beyond better communication, they need action.

Dr. McIntyre will be continuing and expanding his Teacher Advisory Committee from last year. This school year, the committee will consist of about 18 teachers, a couple principals, and other staff members.

"That was a great tool for him to talk to teachers without going through their principals, without going through levels of communication, to just get honest one-on-one feedback. And believe me, they were very honest with him," Fugate said.

For student achievement, the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) scores were flat and lower in English/language arts. End of Course assessments showed gains in several areas and high school graduation rates are expected to increase slightly.

Overall, board members had positive things to say about Dr. McIntyre.

"I take it in the spirit which it was intended, which is it's meant to be developmental, it's meant to provide constructive feedback on how I can do this job more effectively and how I can be a better leader," Dr. McIntyre said.

The Tennessee PTA named Dr. McIntyre the "2014 Tennessee Outstanding Superintendent of the Year" for the fourth time.

According to Dr. McIntyre, because it is an election year, the BOE will not vote on whether or not to give him another contract extension until his next performance review which is expected to happen in November or December 2015.

On Monday night, the BOE approved the narrative evaluation.

Read both the BOE's review and Dr. McIntyre's self-evaluation here.