Park workers at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are preparing for the influx of spectators for the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse.

Except for Clingmans Dome, the entire park is open to the public to view the eclipse.

Park spokesperson Molly Schroer said they are expecting heavy traffic.

“It’s going to be very congested all around the area, so come in early, but also be prepared to wait,” Schroer said.

Schroer said park workers will monitor traffic that day and play by ear whether certain park roads need to be closed. She suggested following @SmokiesRoadsNPS on Twitter to get those updates on the day of the eclipse in real time.

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Meanwhile, state leaders will put extra state troopers on the roads throughout Tennessee. Megan Buell, a spokesperson for the state Department of Safety and Homeland Security, said drivers should continue travel as usual, but don’t pull over on the side of the road to watch the eclipse.

“We hope that people will be mindful that we still need traffic to flow as normal, and we need traffic to flow as normal because that’s a huge safety risk when people stop on the roadways,” Buell said.

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Buell said go to a place, like the Smoky Mountains, or an event or watch party to see the eclipse. If you are in a large crowd, make sure you have a plan with your family or group if you get separated.