Believe. Inspire. Impact.

It’s what Quinita Ray’s t-shirt reads, and it’s her mindset.

“Positive attitude, positive vibes, positive energy,” said Ray.

Ray, who goes by “Te” is bursting with positivity, but it was a tough road to find it.

“Back in May, I first found out I was positive for ductal carcinoma, it was very, very hard to accept, very hard. I was not trying to accept it at all,” said Ray.

The shocking diagnosis was terrifying, so Te's loved ones stepped up to show their support.

"They kind of swarmed me, in a good way, surround me, and was there like bam bam bam, after that it was like okay, it gets a little easier,” said Ray.

Te's coworkers decorate her office ahead of her July surger. Courtesy Te Ray

When Te had surgery this summer, they made sure she knew she was loved.

“It got easier, and easier and easier, but I don't think I came to terms with it till the day before my surgery in July, they had a big party for me here, and they prayed for me, of course, and later that night I was at ease,” said Ray.

The mother of three also receives encouragement from her family. She has two sons and a daughter.

There’s no way you should go into this nervous or scared, you shouldn't and I didn't,” said Ray.

As her emotional burdens began easing, the financial woes came into the picture.

“I started looking into how expensive breast cancer was,” said Ray.

That's when Te found Komen East Tennessee.

Te's family visits during surger. Courtesy Te Ray

“I don't like asking for help, I like doing it on my own, but it came to the point where I had to ask for help, and they were there,” said Ray.

The organization helps women like Te with financial support. 75 percent of the funds the organization raises remain in the local 16 surrounding counties.

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“It wasn't just like meeting business people or working with coworkers, it was meeting new friends, and an addition to my family, I had more sisters and more work mothers than I ever had before," Ray said.

Now, she's almost halfway through chemo treatments and faces each one with determination, all thanks to a circle of love.

“There are not enough words for me to say for my coworkers and family that's been there for me,” said Ray.

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