(WBIR-West Knoxville) October 1 was the first day of the new nationwide marketplace for healthcare insurance.

However, some problems plagued healthcare.gov on its opening day, according to an East Tennessee organization helping navigate people to insurance options.

"The high volume is causing issues with trying to complete your application," that was read by Erin Hill, the executive director with Knoxville Area Project Access.

The organization is one of nine in Tennessee that's been designated as "navigators" for the new government-run website.

"Our advice is just to keep trying to get on there, and when you do, if you have questions once you get to the application process, we're here to help out," she added.

10News tried accessing the website several times, registering to see what insurance options are available for the state. However, we were unsuccessful in making it past the portal, asking to try again later.

KAPA had similar problems with the website. They are not sure what those insurance plans will entail.

"There are five insurance companies taking part in the Tennessee marketplace, but based on the location, some plans may be offered, and others may not be," said Hill.

President Obama said in a Tuesday press conference that there was expected to be some glitches with the website initially. However, as time goes on, the online marketplace will improve.

"For anyone who has ever struggled through the healthcare insurance, this is going give you access to very affordable healthcare coverage," Hill said. "And there are going to be some struggles and bumps in the road."