MUMBAI - A 17-year-old Indian boy who complained of swelling in his jaw actually had 232 teeth growing inside his face.

BBC News reports the right side of Ashik Gavai's jaw had been swollen for a year and a half, and his local doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. He was brought to a doctor in Mumbai, where it was determined he was suffering from a complex composite odontoma – or a benign tumor – which grows teeth inside his gums.

Dr. Sunanda Dhiware tells BBC News when they cut the tumor open they started pulling out "small white pearls," which turned out to be small teeth.

The operation took place on Monday and took seven hours. Dhiware says Gavai's problem is rare, and he's never seen anything like this before.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most teeth inside someone's mouth is 35. It's a record shared by Kanchan Rajawat of India and Luca Meriano of Italy.

Visit BBC News' website to read the full interview with Dhiware and to see more photos of Gavai's surgery.