The 22-year-old churchgoer credited with helping to stop the man who opened fire on an Antioch congregation one week ago hopes the experience turns more people to Jesus.

“Good always wins,” said Robert "Caleb" Engle, the first Sunday after the attack.

Engle, who was called a hero by the Nashville police chief, “physically engaged” with a masked shooter at the end of the Sept. 24 morning service at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, Metro police said. The attack killed one woman and injured Engle and six others.

Standing inside the church’s fellowship hall, Engle wore a sling and rested a hand on Minister Joey Spann’s shoulder as he spoke to the media following the morning service.

“We can definitely say that God was with us last week,” Engle said. “In doing that we hope this proclaims his love, proclaims his beauty, his awesomeness just how great he is.”

Engle asked for prayers for everyone, including Emanuel Samson, the 25-year-old suspect. Samson is in custody on a homicide charge. This is the second time Engle has made a public request to pray for the shooter since the attack.

“Believe it or not please keep Emanuel Samson and his family in your prayers right now as well, while they’re trying to put the pieces back together,” Engle said. “He’s a victim as well.”

He also asked for prayers for his family and the congregation at Burnette Chapel, which Engle also referred to as his family.

“I can tell you everyone in this church is a hero. God was most definitely the hero,” Engle said.

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