ID=12217487A woman watching kids on a Kentucky school bus was critically injured when she fell through the doors and onto the pavement while the bus was moving.

According to Kentucky State Police, the accident happened Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm in the Gray Community of Knox County, Kentucky.

Sueanne Sizemore, 63, was working as a bus monitor. While the bus was in motion, she went toward the front of the bus to retrieve a fallen clipboard. Investigators said the bus driver glanced over to make sure she didn't lose her balance, and when he looked back at the road, realized he was about to hit some mailboxes.

He veered back onto the road, and the sudden motion caused Sizemore to lose her balance and fall through the closed bus doors. She hit the pavement and rolled into a ditch, losing consciousness. She was transported by medical helicopter to University of Kentucky Medical Center where she is in critical condition.

Investigators said because of safety issues, school bus doors are designed so they require only 43 pounds of pressure to be forced open without the use of the opening lever. Once the pressure is removed, the doors close automatically. When Sizemore fell against the door, the doors opened, allowing her to fall.