Next year, pop superstar Lady Gaga will headline the Super Bowl halftime show, a television event that routinely draws more than 100 million viewers.

But on Wednesday, she took one of Nashville’s most understated stages – East Nashville club The 5 Spot – and sang for a live audience of roughly 100.

Music City was the first stop on Gaga’s “Dive Bar Tour." It's a series of pop-up concerts in humble venues across the country as she promotes her upcoming album “Joanne.”

The location of Wednesday’s show was supposed to be a secret, but by Tuesday morning, the word was out. Gaga confirmed on social media that she’d be heading to Nashville for the gig, and soon East Nashville residents noticed that the street in front of The 5 Spot had been closed off, and legions of trailers and satellite trucks had set up camp around the venue. By Wednesday afternoon, a crowd of fans had pressed up against the barricades across the street, and when the singer arrived, she spent 20 minutes visiting with them.

The show wasn’t just for the superfans, contest winners and VIPs in the room, of course. Video of the performance was streamed live on Facebook by beer giant Bud Light, which is sponsoring the tour.

The Tennessean was on the scene in East Nashville on Wednesday, and made it inside the 5 Spot for the performance.