It's still uncertain when The Cove at Concord Park will reopen after it sustained heavy damage in Saturday night's storms.

Trees and power lines are are down everywhere, crushing picnic tables and benches. The playground is covered with debris and damage, and the sand at the beach and volleyball court will have to be replaced. Crews will also have to scour the water for dangerous debris.

County offices were closed for Memorial Day, but officials did survey the damage on Monday, and expect it to cost at least $100,000 dollars to repair.

They will meet with contractors on Tuesday to determine exactly how long it will take to clean up the mess.

The county may repair the damage to the park in sections, starting with the beach and sand volleyball court and working east towards the pavilion. If that work went well, that section of the Cove could reopen in a couple of weeks, but it's too soon to know for sure.

The other half of the Cove could take over a month to be cleared, which means the loop will remain closed.

The Knox County Parks and Recreation Department says they've received many offers of help from the public.

"We truly appreciate that and our staff will talk about it tomorrow. Right now it's too dangerous to have people out there but we think in the coming weeks there might be something folks can do to pitch in," a department spokesperson said in a news release.

You can monitor the clean up of The Cove here.

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Knox County Parks and Recreation officials say they've been forced to close The Cove at Concord Park due to storm and wind damage from the system that swept through East Tennessee Saturday night.

A spokesperson said they expect the cove to be closed until at least early next week. The rest of Concord Park is open.

WBIR crews say downed trees and debris scattered throughout the Cove area.

Officials hope to have crews in place to start cleanup on Tuesday. Power companies will also be on site to check for downed power lines and remove them if necessary.

County officials are asking people to stay away from The Cove, and not try to swim, kayak or boat in that area. There are power lines down and hanging branches in the area that are dangerous.