With the announcement of a new high speed service coming to Knoxville, many current and former Comcast subscribers went online to share their questions about gigabit internet service.

Comcast Vice President of Public Relations Alex Horwitz jumped online with WBIR 10News to address those concerns.

"Great news for Knoxville residents they're going to be getting speeds online that are truly unprecedented and it's going to really open up a window of opportunity to what they can do online,” said Horwitz.

When asked about costs cost associated with the service Horwitz was straightforward.

“It's a service and it's really up to the customer if they want to choose the service or stick with what they have. I can't tell you about price, but I can tell you it'll be competitively priced,” he said.

One of the selling points of gigabit service is the ability to stream music and movies and download work - all without anyone getting slowed down.

10News viewers also asked if there is going to be any delay or interruption during peak hours.

“Generally speaking, you're very close to 1 gigabit. Our testing still downloaded a two hour high definition movie in five seconds,” said Horwitz.

The next big question - will there be a data cap on the service?

"It's going to be rolled out in Knoxville and there's not going to be a data cap associated with it,” said Horwitz.

Online a lot of people said they dropped Comcast after dealing with their customer service. The company is working on a five-year plan to address that problem.

"We’re opening new call centers, retraining employees and simplifying bill statements,” said Horwitz.

We also checked with other companies in the area and AT&T said they're working to expand their gigabit coverage and hope to have it in more homes in Knox County in 2017.