(WBIR) Several Knoxville intersections are becoming more bicycle-friendly, thanks to a little bit of paint and an inexpensive city project.

The city recently adjusted traffic sensors at 12 intersections to allow them to pick up bicycles for light changes as well as cars. Most of the intersections with the sensors are located in and near downtown Knoxville.

City traffic engineers said they chose those locations because they're known trouble spots on established routes, which are becoming more popular as biking activity increases.

"It's growing and growing. Every year we're seeing more and more. We do bicycle counts and those keep going up. And there's definitely defined routes from Fourth and Gill and Parkridge going to UT, that's a real popular area. South Knoxville's real popular. In west Knoxville there's a real popular route that takes you from Cedar Bluff all the way to downtown," Jon Livengood, the City of Knoxville's Traffic Engineer & Alternative Transportation Coordinator, said.

The project is inexpensive. It didn't require any new equipment, so the only cost was labor and the paint for the new symbols on the street.


  • Cherokee Blvd @ Kingston Pike – 2 symbols
  • Clinch @ 11th St – 2 symbols
  • Clinch @ Henley St – 2 symbols
  • Colonial Dr @ Chapman Hwy – 2 symbols
  • E Blount @ Cityside Ln – 1 symbol
  • Hall of Fame @ E Hill – 3 symbols
  • Martin Luther King @ Summit Hill -1 symbol
  • E Hill @ Gay St – 1 symbol
  • Wesley Rd @ Kingston Pk – 1 symbol
  • Gill @ Broadway – 2 symbols
  • Gill @ Hall of Fame – 1 symbol
  • Golfclub Drive @ Kingston Pike – 1 symbol