Two years after a devastating fire, members of the congregation at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in West Knoxville say the past two years have been challenging. 

The church's sanctuary caught fire on April 12, 2015, on Greek Orthodox Easter. The fire gutted the main worship building of the church and caused $5 million in damage.

Since then the church has been operating out of a temporary sanctuary in its adjacent building, while crews work to reconstruct the original worship space.

Church members held a service commemorating the two-year mark of the fires on Wednesday evening.

"It's been very rewarding and fulfilling to see everybody come together," said Father Anthony Staratis. "This was a total adversity we had to face. The strength of the Christian people and our faith just overcame those obstacles."

The church hopes to have the new sanctuary complete by spring 2018, a milestone they are excited to see.

"I can't wait to walk in the first day, it's going to feel like I'm back home," said Staratis.