It's officially boating season in East Tennessee, and if you’re getting anxious to be out on the water you have several options when it comes to renting a boat.

No matter which option you choose, there are some safety tips and advice you should know before renting a boat.

If you plan to visit Fort Loudon Marina in Lenoir City, you can rent a pontoon boat for the whole day or a half day.

“If you don't have boating experience we won't rent to you. We need to know that you are comfortable renting a boat and if you're born after 1989, then you fall under the requirement for a boating license,” said Mike Tarver, the general manager at the marina.

Tarver loves nothing more than seeing the smiles from people that rent his pontoon boats, but said safety is always a top priority.

“You need to know that you can't let anyone sit on the front of the boar with their legs hanging down off the boat,” he said.

Also, children under 16 years old need to be wearing a life jacket, and there’s no tubing allowed behind their rental pontoons.

“You need to stay in good water, if you run off into a cove you don't know if it's shallow or if there's rocks there. There's a lot of uncertainties below the surface, so if you don't know, don't go,” Tarver said.

As far as alcohol on the boat, Tarver said if you're 21 and older, passengers on the boat can drink.

Tarver said before you rent a boat you’ll go through a brief training to go over all the rules of the water and a quick overview of the lake map to make sure you know where to go and how to get back.