The fireworks are over and the celebration for the 30th anniversary of Festival on the Fourth in Downtown Knoxville has wrapped up.

Roughly 60,000 people joined the celebration and enjoyed music and fireworks.

The show even impressed some who came to Knoxville from out of town.

Knoxville has seen its fair share of visitors, like the Knight family, who traveled here from Chicago. They say the 4th of July is about more than just the celebrations. It's about patriotism.

"Being able to stand for something, you know? It's being able to make a difference for a long, long time," said Tim Knight.

Knoxville's Festival on the Fourth never disappoints. Thousands of people covered lawns of the Worlds Fair Park to eat, play, and catch a glimpse of those awesome fireworks.

And it seems like Knoxville is leaving quite the impression on its visitors.

"We'd come back. I wouldn't mind living here someday because it is slower paced than Chicago."

And the fireworks were just one component to the awesome night. For all the music lovers out there, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra put on a free concert.