The Knoxville Chocolate Company will be closing its doors at its current location but, opening new ones on Market Square.

Currently housed in the 'Candy Factory' building near World's Fair Park, Joy and Brad Hamlett, the owners of the store, say they are ready for an expansion.

The owners posted to Facebook to tell their customers, "Serving you in Market Square has been a long-time dream, and thanks to you, its coming true!"

With 'Tori Mason Shoes' leaving its storefront and moving in with 'Bliss' on Gay Street this fall, the chocolate store will be take over the vacant space.

The Hamlett's say that customers will still get the sweet treats and gifts that their current location offers. But, new additions like an exposed kitchen showing how they make their candy will come with the expansion.

The move is said to take place this December.

The new location will be at 29 Market Square.