As the seasons change, so do the extreme weather conditions. Here's a look at the top five extremes for winters in East Tennessee.

The coldest winter was the year 1963-1964 where the average temperature was 34.2 degrees.

The warmest winter was 1889-1890 where the average temperature was 51.6 degrees.

The driest winter season was 2006-2007 where we only received 5.75 inches of precipitation. This number includes rain and the liquid equivalent of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

On the opposite side, the wettest winter season had 28.4 inches of precipitation from 1881 to 1882.

For just snow, the snowiest winter was 1894-1895 where 41.6 inches of snow fell in Knoxville.

As you heard on Todd's Winter Weather Outlook, we aren't looking at anything close to 40 inches of snow, but for the snow we do see, remember to use #snoWBIR when posting to social media.