After eight days working primarily in South Houston, Knoxville Firefighters and Knoxville Search and Rescue members arrived back home only to learn they are on standby for Hurricane Irma as the storm moves closer to the US mainland.

The six man crew is part of the swift water rescue squad. They worked around the clock to help evacuate residents living in South Houston after Hurricane Harvey hit.

"It's very nice to be back home. I think we are all a little tired and ready to be back here," said KFD Captain Matt Beavers. "It was very interesting, very fulfilling. We had a good time. We were very busy."

The team helped evacuate residents and rescued those who were stranded.

"It's impressive that nature can do that and then you get there and it's so much more than what you expect. When you are submersed in that and you actually see the damage you've just been watching on TV it's very sobering," Beavers reflected.

The conditions for the crew were hot and uncomfortable at times.

"The first two nights we were at a fairground and slept in cattle stalls," Beavers said.

This crew may only be home for a short time because their next possible assignment could be Hurricane Irma.

"It's obviously an epic storm so we are just awaiting that," Beavers said.

KFD Chief Stan Sharp said they've already received the call for their crews to be on standby.

"They don't know whether we will be sending one but it actually is pretty likely that we will," Chief Sharp said.