"This year has been a lot worse with the logs and the water debris."

Cortney Jardet has been boating for nearly 15 years, but even she can't avoid all the debris in Fort Loudoun Lake.

"We left Saturday morning early, probably about 10 o'clock," Jardet said. "We were driving out and hit a large log."

Luckily, there was no major damage to the boat, the 'Voodoo Princess,' but Jardet has friends who have sustained thousands of dollars in damage.

"It's not normal for the lake," Jardet said.

Concord Marina general manager James Bisch said it's a major problem and they've had to pull out large trees.

According to Bisch, the problem comes from all the rain the area has gotten over the past few months. Excess water gets the debris moving downstream. Remember, Fort Loudoun Lake is part of the Tennessee River.

"Right now, they can't filter it down because there's no room for the water to go," Bisch said.

For the inexperienced, you can't always see the danger.

"You can see things on the surface, but if there's a large limb or tree branch underneath, you don't know that, you can't see it," Jardet said.

Until the rain slows down and the water can be filtered, Bisch and Jardet have some advice: "Be careful."