You know the UT football traditions, and you know what happens when the Vols make a big play, but do you know where fans of other SEC teams cheer their squad in Knoxville?

For Gene Chunn, it's in his Bear Den.

For Chunn and other Alabama friends it's not always easy watching a game in Knoxville.

"There's times when we don't feel welcome by other fans," he said. "You put your flags on your truck and you're going to hear something, there's going to be some comments made."

But he's proud of the historic rivalry with the University of Tennessee.

"Bear Bryant used to always say, 'You know what kind of team you have when you play Tennessee on the third Saturday in October,'" Chunn said.

He believes there's a real respect between the programs and even thinks the two head coaches are a lot alike.

"Coach Saban says the whole thing is about a process and getting better, Butch Jones says brick-by-brick, the same concept," he said.

He's even passed the love of the Crimson Tide to his children, who also have to hear smack talk from UT fans.

When Alabama loses, it's pretty bad.

But when it comes to Saturday, Chunn doesn't have a prediction for which team will come out on top.

"Anything can happen this week. I think you're going to see a close game and it could go either way," he said.