An Alabama grandmother has literally fallen into internet fame.

All she was trying to do was put her granddaughter to bed, but a video of what happened has been viewed more than 37 million times so far.

Call it short people problems.

Valerie Sharp had all the best intentions putting her granddaughter down to sleep.

She does this same routine about three times a week, helping her daughter Nikki and son-in-law babysit.

"I just was leaning over into the crib. I've done it a hundred times before. I've never felt awkward, and it just happened." said grandmother, Valerie Sharp.

It's on YouTube for all of us to see.

"My bottom side up in the air, a million times over," added Sharp.

The Huntsville home has surveillance cameras installed and captured some pretty funny moments before, but after grandma fessed up to what happened, this time, Nikki and her husband decided the video was too good to keep to themselves.

"I said do not post, yeah. We know how our children are. Sometimes they don't exactly do what we want them to do," said Sharp.

"Look at how many people got to laugh at this so it's totally worth it in my opinion," said her daughter Nikki Bishop.

It's been viewed more than 37 million times (and counting!). We can laugh because baby Lola made it out okay.

"I do try to be very cautious in any situation, especially with my grandchildren," said Sharp.

Meanwhile, Nikki is just waiting for the USA gymnastics team to call her mom for the next round because she was giving this fall a 10.