ID=10357249(WBIR) Iraqi militants have taken control of a couple key cities in northern and central Iraq. These are cities that U. S. troops fought and died for during the past several years.

U.S. Army Master Sergeant Michael Trost was shot five times while serving in Afghanistan, but Trost also served in Iraq from 2004 - 2005.

Homecoming: Master Sgt. Michael Trost

"I dodged a lot of bullets in Iraq. I should have been shot several times, but I wasn't," Trost said.

The Purple Heart recipient is upset over what's currently happening in the Middle East country. Islamic extremists are taking over key cities less than three years after the U. S. finished a nearly decade long war that costed thousands of American lives, including some of Trost's friends.

"We lost two and they're Lieutenant Colonel Mark Phelan and Major Soltes and then we had three wounded who made it out of that vehicle. I was supposed to have been on that vehicle, but I got pulled off the night before," Trost said.

Honor The Fallen: Army Maj. Charles R. Soltes Jr.

Honor The Fallen: Army Lt. Col. Mark P. Phelan

Master Sergeant Trost said while serving in Iraq the service men and women were building schools, digging wells, and helping hospitals. Seeing extremists now taking over is something Trost said is a big blow to all of their hard work.

"It's just hard watching something unravel that you and your buddies put so much time and energy and effort and got up every day even when people died the previous day and then you've got work to do. It's a blow," Trost said.

Master Sergeant Trost says with no U. S. troops around anymore, the Iraqi people will have to stand strong for themselves or he fears that country could end up right where they were before U. S. forces entered.