(WBIR- Anderson County) An East Tennessee woman pulled over by a police impersonator is speaking out to warn other women in the area.

The woman, who wished to only known by her first name Deedee, said she took a shortcut home on Laurel Road near Clinton Monday night when she saw a red flashing light behind her.

"I was really shocked because he told me he was an undercover officer," she said.

The man asked to see her driver's license and search her car, she said. As he was going through her car, her son happened to call, and she told him her location.

"It terrifies me," she said. "I have a 20-year-old daughter that it could have easily been her, and if my son hadn't have called, I don't know what could have happened."

Deedee said the man had a badge on one hip and a gun on the other.

According to the Anderson County Sheriff's Department, the impersonator's vehicle was described as a dark colored late '90s Chevrolet Lumina. Deputies said the man is in his mid-30s to mid-40s, 5'10 to 5'11" tall, and about 200 pounds. He had ear length brown hair, combed to one side, balding on top of the head with a receding hairline and a graying mustache.

Deedee described the man as "nice," "not rude," and "straight to the point."

Since Monday, Deedee said she has been told the police impersonator attempted to pull over another woman in the area.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate, but Deedee said she is still afraid every time she gets in her car.

"Since that happened that night, there has not been one moment that I have been in my car that my loaded gun has not been in my car with me," she said.

Anyone having information on this incident is asked to call Sergeant Jeff Davis of the sheriff's Criminal Investigations Unit at 865-457-6255, extension 1141, or the Communications Center at 865-457-2414.

Deputies say if you're not sure the person pulling you over is an actual officer, turn your hazard lights on, call 911, and slowly drive to a well-lit area.