On Aug. 21, 2017, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun during the total solar eclipse. It will transform afternoon skies to night. It'll be the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse since 1918.

The small-town of Sweetwater, Tenn., will have one of the best views. The event is expected to draw thousands to the area and the town is planning an eclipse festival for the big day, including vendors, music and even some moon-walking lessons.

10News has reached out to the school districts in our area to find out how they will cover the historic event.

Alcoa City

CLOSED | Professional Development Day

Anderson County

CLOSED | Due to traffic and safety concerns

Athens City

There will be several things planned for the day of Eclipse but right now it's still in planning stages and nothing has been set in stone.

Berean Christian School

CLOSED | For observance of the total solar eclipse

Blount County

CLOSED | Due to traffic concerns and for observance of the total solar eclipse

Campbell County

CLOSED | For observance of the total solar eclipse

Christian Academy of Knoxville

CLOSED | For observance of the total solar eclipse

Claiborne County

CLOSED | For observance of the total solar eclipse

Clinton City

CLOSED | For observance of the total solar eclipse

Cocke County

Lesson plans will be made teacher-by-teacher.

Cumberland County

CLOSED | Due to traffic and safety concerns

Etowah City

School will dismiss at 10 a.m. so students can go to the depot to view and participate with the activities with their families.

Grainger County

CLOSED | For observance of the total solar eclipse

Greene County

No plans at this time. An update is expected the beginning of August.

Greeneville City

Principals are still deciding on what they may or may not want their students to do. Hal Henard Elementary has planned an entire day of Eclipse activities, including using Starlab, visuals, glasses, and all sorts of STEM activities.

Hamblen County

None at this time. An update is expected after August 11.

Hancock County

Plans will be made closer to the start of school.

Hawkins County Schools

Plans will be made this summer.

Jefferson County

CLOSED | For observance of the total solar eclipse

Knox County

CLOSED | After school activities (after 4 p.m.) – such as athletic practices and games and other special events – will proceed as originally scheduled. Additionally, a Family Science Information packet will be sent to all families. Teachers are being provided and/or creating solar eclipse lesson plans that include getting solar viewing glasses for all students and teaching them how to safely view the eclipse.

Lenior City

According to age level, teachers are developing lesson plans that support the viewing of the eclipse. Around 2:15 p.m. teachers and students will have an opportunity to view the eclipse. Lenoir City Schools have planned to purchase protective eye wear for every student and teacher.

Loudon County

CLOSED | Due to traffic and safety concerns. Eclipse glasses provided by Morgan Olson will be sent home with students the Friday before.

Maryville City

CLOSED | For observance of the total solar eclipse

McMinn County

10News is working to get a plan from the district.

Monroe County

CLOSED | Teacher in-service day. No students will be at school.

Morgan County

Students will learn about the history of the eclipse in their curriculum for the day but the safety of watching the eclipse is still being determined.

Newport City

No plans district wide as of now but teachers may be working on plans.

Oak Ridge City

Linden Elementary School has received a grant from UCOR in order to support students’ experiences of the eclipse. The Linden STEM Coach, Mrs. Lisa Buckner said: "Linden Elementary School is launching budding scientists ready to engage in asking questions and in seeking answers. In the week before the eclipse, 2nd grade – 4th grade students at Linden Elementary School will be given background information about eclipses and then will formulate questions about temperature change, cloud formation, and wind speed during the eclipse. On August 21st, Linden’s 2nd grade – 4th grade students will travel to Roane State Community College’s Rockwood/Harriman campus at which they will participate in several learning activities and will actively engage in collecting scientific data while observing 2 ½ minutes of the eclipse. They will be partnering with Roane State Community College and Tennessee Technological University students and faculty to engage students in making sunprints, experimenting with UV beads and solar bags, taking wind speed, temperature readings, and recording cloud data while safely observing this amazing celestial event. Classes will record information periodically as the eclipse begins and nears totality. Following the trip, they will analyze their data and write up their results for science projects."

Oneida Special

EARLY DISMISSAL | Schools will dismiss at 12:15 p.m.

Roane County

CLOSED | Students will be given viewing glasses, courtesy of the Roane County Highway Department, on Friday, Aug. 18 for use at home during the event. Students are encouraged to bring five empty aluminum cans to school on Friday to donate to the recycling project between the school system and highway department.

Scott County

As of right now, school will be in session. The district is waiting to hear back from principals on what they would like to do.

Sevier County

CLOSED | Due to traffic and safety concerns. The school system will provide each student and employee National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) approved viewing glasses and teachers will lead instruction about the event to our students during the first days of the 2017-18 school year.

Sweetwater City

CLOSED | Due to traffic and safety concerns. City Hall is spearheading several community activities, of which the schools will be involved. Teachers will be teaching about the eclipse prior to the big event.

Union County

The district does not have detailed plans at this time but said they will be doing something special for that day.