There have been multiple car windows shattered by bullets in a South Knoxville neighborhood.

Police have received nearly 15 reports of the vandalism -- some of them caused by a BB gun.

"Well, none of them really like it," resident Virgil Moore said.

Moore and his neighbors on Haywood Avenue aren't pleased.

"I don't know if it's teenagers or what, coming through and vandalizing," Moore said.

Up and down the road—cars have black plastic where a window should be.

"Right now the price I've got is almost $450," Moore said.

The streets include Haywood Avenue, Tipton Avenue, Sevier Avenue and E. Red Bud Road.

KPD says at least some of them were caused by a BB gun bullets.

"I stayed up last night on the front porch—stayed up all night, just to see if, after all the reports of windows shot out," said Moore. "Just to see if the police officers would be patrolling the area. I did not see not one police officer patrolling."

But KPD tells 10News all officers are aware of what's happening, some are patrolling in unmarked cars. KPD has also said an investigator is assigned to the case.

Moore said he hope whoever's responsible for shattering the windows will stop, and learn something from it.

"If they could catch them, then they may say I've done this and I've gotten caught," said Moore. "I'll never do it again."

He says he plans to move because of what happened.

"I'm going to put my house up for sale," said Moore. "I'm tired of living in a neighborhood where something like this goes on."

KPD encourages anyone with information about the vandalism should call their crime tip hotline.

Give them a call at 865-215-7212. You can remain anonymous.