Hundreds of people from all over the region showed up for the 7th annual Appalachian Mountain Bike Club's Fall Festival over the weekend.

"[There were] around 40 different vendors. I think we probably had somewhat in the neighborhood of 800 people out yesterday," said AMBC's president Matthew Kellogg.

Matthew said the event is highly anticipated by many people as it celebrates the cycling and mountain biking community in Knox County, specifically highlighting the growing community in South Knoxville.

"Trails have certainly proven to be a driver for development here on the south side and with all the announcements for Sevier avenue and Baker Creek Bottoms, it's just a really exciting time to be not only a resident in South Knoxville but also a recreation user here in South Knoxville," Kellogg said.

The growing popularity of Baker Creek Preserve is bringing business and economic development to the area.

Baker Creek Bottoms, a residential and commercial hub at the old church building next to the trails will soon be the newest attraction to the area.

"There are so many new users and so many people from out of town coming to use them. They've got businesses popping up on Sevier avenue," Kellogg said. "It seems like every other week we get another announcement about whether it's an outfitters or coffee shop or another restaurant or something, and there's a lot of synergy happening right now around outdoor recreation."

Kellogg said there's something for everyone in South Knoxville, whether you're on two wheels or not.

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