Knox County school leaders are demanding an explanation from the state about issues that caused some major headaches in recent weeks.

The BOE plans to send two letters to the state, demanding to know why Tennessee couldn't provide schools TCAP scores on time.

The board says delays caused distrust among parents, teachers and students. It also forced the school district to send report cards home individually instead of in bulk, which cost the district more than $2,500.

As for next year's budget, board members want to know why they weren't told about a change in the BEP formula, which resulted in the district getting millions of dollars less than expected for next year.

"I think it's unprecedented-- the change, the last-minute nature of the change. The secrecy, there's no transparency. And no one can explain why it happened. They're blaming the Bureau of Economic Affairs, and I'm like 'really?'. I don't know, it doesn't seem likely," said Indya Kincannon, Knox County School Board member.

School leaders are still finalizing those letters. The board is also set to vote on the new proposed budget Wednesday night.