A boil water advisory is in effect for the Mooresburg Utility District of Hawkins County.

According to utility district President Robby Drinnon, the Mooresburg Water Treatment Plant did not automatically shut down as turbidity increased from a Monday evening storm.

The malfunction was discovered by operators shortly after.

However, the plant did produce some water that exceeded the turbidity limit set by the state of Tennessee.

Turbidity is a measure of the discoloration of the water typically due to suspended particles in the water.

Drinnon says turbidity has no health effects but it can interfere with disinfection and allow microbial growth.

Therefore, Mooresburg water system customers are advised to boil water prior to using it for drinking or food preparation.

Customers should:

1. Strain the water through a clean cloth to remove sediment or floating material.

2. The water should then be heated to a vigorous boil, and the rolling boil should be maintained for at least one minute to insure disinfection.

Water system personnel have collected water samples for analysis. Results should be available by Wednesday morning.

Drinnon expects the advisory to be in effect for two days, but could last longer depending on sample results.