Nature lovers get ready: Thousands of sunflowers will soon stretch as far as the eye can see at Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area.

The sunflower field is owned by TWRA. Every year, thousands make the visit to South Knoxville to see the natural spectacle.

It was originally planted more than 15 years ago to attract doves, bees and butterflies. TWRA said its happy people are starting to enjoy it, too.

A handful of sunflowers have already bloomed because of the warmer weather we've been having this year, but the real show won't begin until early July.

The first two weeks of July will be the best time to see the sunflowers in peak bloom. it doesn't take long for them to wither, though, so it's best to head out sooner rather than later. TWRA said the flowers will completely wither by mid to late August.

If you're trying to find the field, there isn't an exact address. It's just south of Ijams Nature Center along the Will Skelton Greenway.

If you are traveling south towards Ijams Nature Center, continue heading south on Island Home Road. When you arrive at the intersection of Island Home Road and McClure Road, turn left. At the end of McClure Road there is a yellow gate, just beyond it is the sunflower field.