Last fall, Susan G. Komen introduced a new initiative. For decades, people have associated the color pink with breast cancer. Now, the national organization is asking people to "be more than pink."

Komen East Tennessee is now asking people to not just wear pink, but to get involved through volunteering, donate, and to be aware.

When Susan G. Komen announced the new branding, they also announced a big goal: to reduce the breast cancer death rate by 50 percent in the next 10 years. 

“It sounds daunting because it is. But with the help of all of our folks who support us, we are going to make it happen," said Amy Dunaway, executive director of Komen East Tennessee. "We are going to energize research with funds, we are going to help those here locally who are currently battling." 

Dr. John Bell, director of the Cancer Institute at UT Medical Center, says Komen's big goal is possible, but it will take a lot of research into new treatments and possibly a cure.

Dr. Bell says everyone can also do their part by getting educated on the risks. 

"I think the focus has to begin with education. Risk reduction. There’s a lot of focus, appropriate focus, on what can I do as a patient to reduce my risk of getting a disease," said Dr. Bell.

Dunaway says 75 percent of everything raised here in East Tennessee stays here to help women get screenings and proper care. 

“We could drop the death rate by a third if we could simply get accurate and timely care out in our communities," said Dunaway. 

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