(WBIR) Knox County Commission is set to vote on Mayor Tim Burchett's budget proposal at the end of this month. Earlier this week, we learned he is proposing millions of dollars to help fix dangerous intersections in the county.

Burchett is focusing on four intersections in his 2015-2019 Capital Improvement Plan---three in West Knox County and one in East Knox County.

Out of the $2.5 million Mayor Tim Burchett is proposing for dangerous intersections, $1.1 million of it is designated to the Ebenezer Road and Gleason Drive intersection in West Knox County.

"If the roads had better access, obviously there would be less accidents," said Joel Collett, who works nearby.

Knox County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) said in the past year (May 2013 - May 2014) there have been seven car accidents at this intersection. According to the county, from May 2005 - Dec. 2011, the most common types of crashes were rear-ends and angle crashes.

"When you're trying to get on a road to get to wherever you're going, you have to wait, wait, wait and then you'll get in a big hurry. So you'll do things you normally wouldn't do to join traffic and that's where you see accidents happen," Collett said.

However, 10News also spoke with drivers in the area who say there's been a vast improvement at that intersection from just a few years ago.

Mayor Burchett is proposing $800,000 toward the Canton Hollow and Woody Drive intersection in West Knox County.

According to KCSO, there haven't been any crashes at this intersection in the past year. However, there have been 34 crashes at Canton Hollow and Woody between May 2005 - Dec. 2011.

The county's crash data report said, "It can be concluded that any roadway and/or intersection improvements along this segment... should address sight distance and the crest vertical curve just south of the intersection with Woody Dr."

Another intersection with zero crashes this year, but included in the proposal, is National Drive and Asbury Road. A proposed $400,000 would go to this intersection.

The county's crash data report said drivers seem to have trouble finding a gap in the traffic stream on N. National Drive, which causes right angle crashes.

The last intersection included, Hardin Valley and Greenland Way near Pellissippi Community College, had one crash between May 2013 - May 2014. However, it can be a difficult intersection for merging.

Marco's Pizza Drive Calen Cummins said traffic volume is high Monday through Friday in the afternoon, when students are leaving the college.

"It's terrible when the traffic is pretty bad and you sit there waiting to go out, trying to go on your delivery and you have to wait like 5 minutes for cars to stop. It would be nice to have a (stop) light," Cummins said.

Although the Capital Improvement Plan is FY 2015 through FY 2019, money for the intersections is allocated for 2015.