It’s an age old myth that cats have nine lives. A seven-year-old feline named “Fluffy” is proving that with an incredible tale of survival.

"My son’s apartment complex caught on fire on Monday,” explained Kelli Eubanks.

As fire destroyed the Stonewall Apartment Complex in South Knoxville, their family prayed for their pet.

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"We were hoping she got out, somewhere,” said Eubanks.

Five hours turned into 10, then 20. Finally, crews were packed up and gone, but Fluffy was still missing.

None of the family was ready to give up.

"My daughter had got off work and her and my mother stopped by Tuesday evening and they heard a cat,” said Eubanks.

"We went over there and i stood up against the door and I could hear her crying in there,” said James Doney.

Nearby construction workers helped them look through the burned building, and stuck underneath some mattresses and a comforter was Fluffy. She had been there for 30 hours.

"She was froze,” said Eubanks. “Half of her body was wet, she wasn't burned, the fur of her ears was gone and eye watering real bad.”

Friday, a trip to the vet confirmed Fluffy’s lungs and heart were healthy.

"For this cat it sounds like she was very lucky, burrowing under the comforter and that mostly blocked the smoke inhalation that would have caused damage, but none of that, she's very lucky, miracle as they call her,” said Dr. Jennifer James with the Broadway Veterinary Clinic.

While Fluffy’s still adjusting, life is getting back to normal for her.

“She’s part of the family,” said Eubanks. “She even had some turkey on Thanksgiving.”

A week that began with heartbreak is now revealing a silver lining in a furry little Thanksgiving miracle.

"You can't explain how she survived, but she did, alive and well,” said Eubanks.