Chris Blue’s support stretches across the country - and even across the pond where his fiancée Steph Dunkley has been watching his journey on The Voice from London.

"Every single week he comes out and does a song that’s so challenging it would be incredible to see someone who does what he does and win," said Steph Dunkley.

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Stephanie, who goes by Steph for short, met Chris in church last year.

"To see him up there and see Christ use him that makes me the proudest," said Dunkley.

A few weeks before his Voice blind audition, Blue popped the question.

“I tried to cuddle him before he proposed and my hands were near his waist and I was like 'Hey what you are doing!' And the ring was in his pocket. He was a bit jumpy!” explains Dunkley.

The future Mr. and Mrs. Blue will wed in Dunkley’s hometown near London on July 12.

Not only are the pair juggling a long-distance relationship, Chris’ hectic Voice schedule and planning a wedding, they do it thousands of miles apart.

“He’s 9 hours behind now. We could handle the 6 hours, but 9 hours it has a huge impact. When I’m wide awake, he’s fast asleep,” said Dunkley.

“My fiancée Stephanie is an incredible human being, wonderful woman and incredibly smart, and I’ve let her enjoy all the wedding planning, I trust her decision making,” said Blue.

Between Skype, FaceTime and text, they find some time to spend time with each other.

“It’s been a lot harder, but understanding, me understanding he is doing this for us, and it's his dream so that’s been helping me cope,” said Dunkley.

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This summer, Chris and Steph will say their vows. For richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and health - these are promises the couple has already seen through after a difficult year.

Last year, Steph flatlined while struggling with cancer.

“Love is an action that grows, I think there are different levels of love, for us to experience everything we have experienced thus far in our relationship into marriage, I believe it’s been a blessing for us and allowed us to have a glimpse into the pragma of love. A deep understanding of one another. When you go through different things with one another. Different obstacles it puts you in a position to grow and settle into your love,” said Blue.

Whether it’s tomorrow, next week or with a trophy in his hand, when Chris Blue’s Voice journey ends, a new one is waiting to begin.

“I’m excited to get married! Two months after The Voice. Just incredible, really happy!” said Blue.